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Since 2010, the stories of Frustengrad and the world of Moira have been told around kitchen tables, during long car rides, and at D&D Sessions. The heroes of these stories have ranged from the epic adventures of Salgood Ra to the often times hilarious exploits of Quyn, Felk Siplace, and Mother.

In 2018 the first game of the Legends of Frustengrad met and the story began anew with the Magnificent Bastards, who in turn gave way to Fate's Miscreants, whose stories can be listened to in the Campaign Recordings.

The stories continued to grow with the adventures of the 99th Corps and the Cabill Rose Academy in late 2019. And in early 2020 the narrative universe grew with the introduction of the novelization of character backstories and histories, and finally culminating in this project.

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